Vivienne Vai





Frequently Asked Questions:

“What is your required tribute?”

My tribute is $300/hr, with a 10% discount for sessions longer than 3 hours.

“How do I book a session with you?”

The easiest way is to fill out my submission form, which you can find here. Make sure to read the information contained here in the FAQ’s before you apply to serve me.

“How long can I see you for?”

My minimum appointment length is 1 hour. I strongly prefer sessions that are at least 1.5 hours, especially for new clients. If you are interested in an overnight or 24+ hour booking, let me know and I can inform you of my tribute for this kind of appointment. Please indicate in your session request how long you would like our appointment to be.

“What do you require of me to see you?”

For first-time clients, I will need a respectfully written inquiry from you, ideally sent through my submission form, which makes the process easier and more efficient for both of us. It contains all the minimum introductory information I need from you so that we don’t spend precious time redundantly playing e-mail tag on details already laid out here in this FAQ and on the form. You can always include clarifying questions in your inquiry if you’re not sure about something you’ve read here.

I also require 1-2 references from providers you have seen previously. They don’t specifically need to be Dommes, but they must be established providers of some kind. I will need their names, e-mails, website or ad, and the name and e-mail address you used for yourself with them. Ideally you have references, but if not, let me know and we can see about using other ways to verify your identity.

For new clients I also require a $100 deposit sent electronically in advance of our session. (For an initial session that is longer than 3 hours I may require a higher deposit amount.) Your deposit will go towards your total session tribute. It is non-refundable within 24 hrs of your appointment time, but if necessary, you are allowed to transfer your deposit one time towards a rescheduled appointment, to be scheduled for within 1 month of your initial booking.

This deposit is used to confirm your first booking with me. Even if we have hashed out all the details and settled on a time and date, your session is ultimately not considered confirmed until I have verified that I have received your deposit. I typically use CashApp (preferred) or e-gift cards to receive deposits, so please be prepared to utilize either of these methods to confirm your booking.

“Why do you have to screen me? I value my privacy, and besides, I’m a totally nice person.”

Screening serves a number of purposes, a few of which I will illuminate here for the uninitiated or otherwise ignorant:

  1. Assuring MY safety. I have no idea who you are, or what you are capable of doing. This work is incredibly high-risk and providers are routinely treated with an incredible amount of disrespect, harassment, and abuse (yes, even when they are ultimately seeking to be “dominated”). Screening helps to ensure that you are who you say you are and not someone who is seeking to put me in danger, and that I can protect myself if you attempt to do something to harm me.

  2. Assuring YOUR safety. You can be secure in the knowledge that if I am asking you to follow very standard industry screening protocols then I am a reputable and knowledgeable provider you can trust. Your sensitive information is absolutely confidential and is only used by me for screening purposes.

  3. Proving your reliability. People in my line of work have very little ability to be guaranteed compensation for our time and labor. Screening helps to prove that you are reliable and respectful and not a flake or time-waster, and that you will make good on your commitment to your scheduled appointment and agreement to my policies.

Still don’t feel like screening is justified? Perhaps this is not the right time for you to see a professional provider. Feel free to get back in touch when you’ve considered the gravity of the aforementioned points and are ready to proceed with my booking process.

“I AM new, and I don’t have references, what can I do to earn your trust?”

Congratulations on courageously reaching out of your comfort zone! If you are new to seeing providers and don’t have references, then I will still require you to be screened. Contact me if this is the case and I can go over my screening protocol for newcomers.

And as stated above, for ALL clients I have not seen before, newbie or not, I require a $100 deposit in advance, sent electronically. I typically use CashApp (preferred) or e-gift cards.

“Where do you session?”

I am fortunate to be able to host at a number of well-appointed, comfortable, and secure incall dungeon locations in my home base of the Bay Area. Two are located in Oakland, CA, and one is located in San Francisco, CA. Please let me know if you have a preference for either city.

I also travel regularly to Los Angeles and can be booked in advance for appointments there.

I occasionally go on tour as well; follow me on Twitter and Instagram and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date and find out about upcoming travel plans!

“Do you offer outcalls?”

Yes! Please note, depending on the distance, I may also require a $50-100 gratuity to cover my transportation.

“Do you offer public sessions?”

Perhaps you desire the thrill of being helplessly manipulated and teased in front of unsuspecting strangers, or you’re curious about that fetish party you heard about and would like to arrive with an captivating and highly experienced guide on your arm instead of standing alone in the dark. Maybe you wish for a traditional “vanilla” public date for dinner or to a museum, but with an alluring and intelligent Dominant to lead you. And it’s obvious that you’re powerless to resist the urge to indulge your Mistress in the sensual and material pleasures that delight her while perusing the stock in a luxury kink or lingerie boutique.

I would delight in accompanying you on engagements like this. Let me know what kind of experience you are seeking and I will respond with the respective tribute requested for my time and company. Any transportation, tickets, meals, and other incidental expenses are also to be covered by you in addition to your tribute.

“But Mistress, what if I don’t like pain?”

No problem at all! My own kink and BDSM interests are highly varied, and although I love to be sadistic, I am not at all attached to sadism in every session or with every person. Just indicate this in your submission form and I’ll make sure to handle you like the delicate and precious flower that you are.

“What are your hard limits/what will you do or not do?”

I do not offer sexual services, aka no sex or intimate worship of any kind in any area that would be covered by a thong bikini. I also do not offer race play or brown showers, and I do offer piercing but not more advanced forms of blood or medical play.

Importantly, I also reserve the right to amend my boundaries or decline to see someone at any time, including during session, if I decide that it has become necessary to do so. I wish this could simply go without saying, but in case it’s not obvious, if you push my stated boundaries, disobey my protocols, or engage in any other inexcusable violation of decorum and I decide to end the session, you are not entitled to a refund. And trying to make me mad so that I will “genuinely want to punish you” is extremely disrespectful, and ineffective anyway, and will just lead to you being ignored.

“I am a newcomer to kink! Will you still see me?”

Yes! I love introducing people to kink and BDSM. (*If this is your first time seeing a professional provider, please see my question about screening for new players with no previous references.) I simply ask that you respect me and conduct your behavior as you would with any other “vanilla” person whose services you are seeking: how would you act or speak if you were booking an appointment with your hairstylist, physician, business consultant, etc.? Adult subject matter aside, treat me and my time and our communications with the same tact you would for anyone else and you will get the same in return. I am delighted to play with all kinds of people as long as they are respectful, thoughtful, and ready to explore their desires.

“What should I expect when I see you for the first time?”

We will do a brief negotiation check in (even if we have already discussed things over e-mail) to make sure of how you are feeling before we start, and review any important details/limits for our scene. This should take about 5-10 mins, and is included as part of our session time.

I expect tribute to be placed on the table after our negotiation and before we begin play, and it should be submitted in cash inside of an unsealed envelope.

Every incall space I use has a full bathroom available. If you would like to shower before and/or after our session, you are welcome to do so, but that time is also counted in your session time. If you know you would like to shower, please let me know during our negotiation and before we begin playing so that I can allow you a few minutes to do this towards the end of our session.

Otherwise, no matter the tone of our session, you can expect to have an arousing and revelatory experience that will show you what your mind and body are truly capable of when you decide to let go of your ego and inhibitions, and I will be there as your constant and intuitive guide to help lead you to your truth.

“Do you offer double or multi-Mistress/playmate sessions?”

Yes! I have many friends who I love to play with, women and men, transgender and cisgender. You can request to see me with my friends for either part or the entirety of a session with me, just indicate this in your inquiry.

“Do you see women/couples/trans people/queer people?”

Absolutely yes! I have experience working with people of all different identities and especially aim to provide a positive and affirming kink experience for everybody.

“Do you see other SW’s?”

Yes! I am happy to offer my services to other currently active SW’ers of any kind (because we need attention too!). If you are a SW and are interested in seeing me, ask me about my “industry discount!”

“Thank you so much for this, Mistress! I am now ready to apply to serve you!”

Fantastic! You can go directly to my submission form here.

I look forward to our introduction.