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You know you want to.

I'm always looking for new prey -- excuse me, playmates, so I made it simple for you to contact me.  Fill in and submit the online form below, or you can send an e-mail directly to  I aim to respond to inquiries within 2-3 days, but can occasionally become occupied with a high volume of requests.  If you have not received a response after a week, I invite you to send me another message.

Or, rise above the rest and get my attention by sending a thoughtful gift along with your introduction.


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Please try to communicate clearly and concisely about what you are looking to explore with me. You may also inquire about specific activities. Please remember that I do not offer any illegal services.
Names, e-mails, and ads/websites of 2 providers you have seen before, and your name/e-mail/birthday that you used with them. (If you have never seen a provider before or otherwise do not have references, please write "new, no references".)
Minimum 1 hr. Can change before finalizing your booking. For new clients I recommend at least 1.5 hrs for us to get acquainted with each other.
Please see FAQ for more details. You can request doubles or multi-Domme sessions, for all or part of your session with me. Please write here if you are interested in particular activities with me and my friends.
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