Vivienne Vai









I especially relish, but am not limited to, the following kinks and activities:


  • Corporal punishment: impact toys (especially singletail whips, and also floggers, crops, paddles, canes, etc.), rough body play (punching, kicking, face slapping), spanking, nipple torture, CBT (cock and ball torture), ball-busting

  • FISTING (please arrive clean and empty)

  • Creative and unique role play (professor/student, boss/employee, doctor/patient are classics, but I especially enjoy fantasies with science fiction and supernatural elements: aliens, androids, vampires, witches and wizards, ghosts, succubus, etc.). E-mailing in advance helps to ensure the full fruition of your fantasy.

  • Body worship (feet, legs, and especially ass)

  • Body hair worship (natural unshaven legs and underarms)

  • Boot and high heel worship

  • Trampling with boots/high heels/feet

  • Leg scissors

  • Queening/smothering/face-sitting (not bare)

  • Feminization, cross-dressing, gender play/reversal

  • Tickle torture

  • Sensory deprivation

  • Sensation play

  • Restraints and predicament bondage

  • Electrical play (ErosTek e-stim and violet wand)

  • Needle play and piercing

  • Plushie play

  • Looner/Latex Balloons (sitting, popping or non-popping)

  • Sploshing/food play (forced consumption, smothering with desserts, cake sitting, playing with juicy fruits, figging. Cake, pie, berries, and Hawaiian papayas are my favorite!)

  • Playful wrestling

  • Golden and Ruby showers

  • Spitting

  • Tease and denial

  • Urethral sounding (must bring your own sounds)

  • Temperature play (wax, ice, etc.)

  • Pet and animal play (I love little puppies and hungry piggies)

  • Slave training

  • Strange, unfamiliar, and au courant kinks that I have yet to explore (I do love tentacles…)

  • Shepherding tremulous newcomers


I am especially committed to offering a welcoming and safe experience for LGBTQIA-identified visitors and have extensive experience playing with people of multiple and diverse genders, races, and sexualities.  


I love to see couples, and I also adore group sessions and playing with additional Dominants, submissives, and switches.  Ask me about sessions with my spectacular friends!


If you don’t see your interests indicated above, please feel free to e-mail me to inquire if I offer the activities you are looking for.