Vivienne Vai

Vivienne Vai

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Meet your Mistress.


I am both a soothing and encouraging caretaker, as well as a seductive and enticing bitch, playful and powerful, capable of warm and genuine endearment as well as relentlessly cruel sadism.  


My breathtakingly beautiful frame may appear slight, but you will be swiftly acquainted with the ability of my petite yet powerful body to wrap around you and extinguish any underestimation of me.  While I love the power of a chain leash, collar, and rope in my hand, my favorite way to effortlessly subdue you is to pin you with my luscious ass, athletic legs, toned and shapely arms, slender stiletto heels, or just the smoldering gaze emanating from my jet-amber eyes.  


Although I can be harsh with your humiliation, you'll find that I am ultimately down to earth and empathetic.  While you may be my plaything, I am committed to honoring your boundaries and limits (and expect you to honor mine) while deftly pushing against them towards your continued lustful evolution.  My goal is to build trust and rapport with you so that baring your raw vulnerabilities to me will simply become your natural instinct.


You will readily observe that my dexterity with the technical aspects of BDSM and kink are exquisitely complemented by the exhilarating force of my intellect.  Like with the piercing precision of my whip, I love to use my mind and intuition to make calculated incisions in your exposed psyche, rendering you powerless to protect your flaccid ego.  I welcome your private primal urge to submit to me in your truest form, and I invite you to allow your defenses to dissolve as we blissfully plumb the depths of your darkest desires together.  


Whether you are a novice to kink or have garnered decades of experience, you will find that I am highly versatile in my skills and fascinations and will easily match with the variety and level of play you crave, from the sweet and sensual to the sordid and sadistic.  I draw from my multiple years of personal and professional practice, bringing refreshing creativity and electrifying eroticism to the manifestation of your fantasies, uniquely tailored to your particular erogenous desires and personal history of exploration.  


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